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MC: May 1 – CD launch: E Millar, PCP Trio, Yumiko Yoshimoto (JP), Jacques / Baccam – Montreal

1 mai, 2019
Le Sotterenea (4848 St Laurent, sous-sol), Montreal
portes 20h30, musique 21h15


YUMIKO YOSHIMOTO (JP) – guitar solo
E Millar – solo amplified objects
PCP Trio – noisy trumpet guitar drums
Anne-F Jacques + Chittakone Baccam



We are super excited to announce a set of solo guitar music from our friend Yumiko Yoshimoto from Japan.  In addition to this, we’re very pleased to present the Montreal CD release for our two newest records, and a set with Anne-F Jacques.

We are releasing:

MW004: PCP Trio: internal / external / focused / broad
MW005: E Millar: no instrument machine, air

Read below for more information about each act and to buy the CDs!

Yumiko Yoshimoto

https://soundcloud.com/yoshimotoyumiko https://yoshimotoyumiko.blogspot.com/

With a background in rock music, Tokyo-born Yumiko Yoshimoto began playing her free guitar improvisation style in 2006 at the performance of a visual artist, HIGUMA Haruo in Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale (Niigata).  Since
then she has performed many times, solo, and with many other musicians,
dancers, poets, in films etc.

She plays in the bands”Aun no Kakokyu” (w / SUGO Fumito : drums, 4 + 4 = 8
: bass), “lammtarra” (w / KIRA Ken’ichi : double bass, TSUYUKI Tatsuya :
drums), “Amemiya Hiraku Unit” (w / AMEMIYA Hiraku: piano, ARINAGA Michito: tuba, KAIDO Yutaka : contrabass, MORI Junji : reeds & flute, KITAWA Naoko : flute), “To Chu Ka So” (w / HASHIMOTO Hideki : trumpet, SUZUKI Chiho : bandoneon, SHIMADA Toru : drums, Hoimi) (W / Miho : keyboard, Eko: trumpet, Rika : bass, Chikusa : drums). In 2014 she released her
self-made live recording solo CD-R” Midnight Pendulum “.

In May 2012 she first performed in Europe with Jozef Spodniak (keyboard,
theremin, voice) in Prague, Czech Republic. She returned to Europe in 2016
and 2018 performing in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland,
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, France, Netherlands, Germany,
Switzerland,, Bulgaria and Slovakia. She participated in the Water Tower
Art Festival in 2016 (Bulgaria).  At this time she also released the album
” Yoshimoto / Griciute / Mikalkenas “( Sculdubuldu ) as trio with Gailė
Gricítė (piano / Lithhania) + Arnas Mikalkėnas (drums / Lithhania)

In 2017 she began to play daxophone (instrument invented by German
guitarist Hans Reichel) and she was part of the Nakanojo Biennale (Gunma)
with Ingebjjrg Torgersen (video / performance / Norway) and Adrian Åsling
Sellius (saxophone / Sweden).

E Millar

E Millar is Elizabeth Millar’s solo project :

breath, machine hums, metal surfaces, air
short sound pieces for fans, propellers and clarinet

Elizabeth Millar is a sound-artist, clarinetist and performer, based in Montreal since 2009. Engaging with experimental music, sound art, noise, free improvisation and self-made instrument building, her creative practice explores the merging of acoustic and electronic textures with amplification and extended techniques.Active locally, nationally and internationally she has performed throughout Canada and in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. She is a member of Sound of the Mountain, an amplified clarinet and trumpet duo with Craig Pedersen. She also performs with Montreal-based Ensemble Supermusique, interpreting graphic scores and gestural improvisations.She has collaborated with many Quebecois and Canadian artistsincluding Joane Hétu, Erick d’Orion and Anne-F Jacques; and international artists including Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger, Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura.

PCP Trio

PCP Trio is:

Alex Pelchat – electric guitar
Eric Craven – drums
Craig Pedersen – amplified trumpet

Their new record features two new compositions by Craig Pedersen, drawing influence equally from Pauline Oliveros’ Horse Sings from A Cloud, Keiji Haino’s Fushitsusha and Slayer’s Reign in Blood, PCP trio manages to make some cohesive sense of a mess of ideas.  Hard-driving and noisy, Pelchat, Craven and Pedersen work together as a clear unit, pushing and pulling musical ideas to extremes.


Anne-F Jacques + invitéEs

Anne-F Jacques


Un inventaire d’objets et de matières avec lesquels l’auteure, l’artiste sonore Anne-F Jacques, fabrique des assemblages sonores et cinétiques. À travers leur poids, leur texture et l’histoire particulière de leur rencontre, elle retrace une petite partie de leur biographie et plonge le lecteur dans un microcosme d’objets têtus. Elle s’intéresse aux choses qui tournent, aux sonorités rugueuses, aux mouvements erratiques, à la construction d’assemblages précaires et idiosyncratiques. Sons et autres trouvailles. Elle vit et travaille à Montréal.