Elizabeth Millar

Elizabeth Millar is an experimental musician, sound-artist and composer. She builds sound sculptures from small electronic components and found materials, composes and plays text scores and collaborates across the disciplines of choreography and videography.  She has performed and presented works throughout Canada and in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico.

Her solo works AFR3 and no instrument machine, air, explore the timbre and texture of machine hums, metallic and wooden resonances, friction between rough and smooth materials and low frequency air noise. She is a one member of Sound of the Mountain, an amplified clarinet and trumpet duo with Craig Pedersen, and a.hop, an international group of 9 sound artists.

Recent festival appearances include Audible Edge (AUS, 2022), Roam (UK, 2021), RE:FLUX16 (Moncton, 2021), Audiograft (UK, 2021), IICSI (Guelph, 2020), Umbral (Mexico, 2019), X Avant (Toronto, 2019), send + receive (Winnipeg 2019), Soundslike (Saskatoon 2019), Open Waters (Halifax 2019), Rencontres de Musique Spontanée (Rimouski 2019), IMOO (Ottawa, 2019).


On Mystery & Wonder:
MW010, E Millar, artificial field recording (2023)
MW009, e millar & christof kurzmann, rare entertainment (2022)
MW008, Sound of the Mountain with Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura, amplified clarinet and trumpet, guitars, nimb (2019)
MW005, E Millar, no instrument machine, air (2019)
MW001, Sound of the Mountain, Amplified Clarinet and Trumpet (2017)

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An impressively dynamic, concise statement that should be understood as a declaration that this is a musician to watch.

- Keith Prosk (Free Jazz Blog)

There is a narrative within this treasure of produced noise… The message is resolute and profound even if not quite within the grasp of reality or understanding.

Saul Bleaeck (Toneshift)