Elizabeth Millar

An impressively dynamic, concise statement that should be understood as a declaration that this is a musician to watch.

- Keith Prosk (Free Jazz Blog)

Elizabeth Millar is an experimental musician, sound-artist and clarinetist, based in Montreal. Engaging with sound, noise, free improvisation and self-made instrument building, her creative practice explores the merging of acoustic and electronic textures using amplification and extended techniques.

Active locally, nationally and internationally she has performed throughout Canada and in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico. Alongside her solo work, she is also one member of Sound of the Mountain, an amplified clarinet and trumpet duo with Craig Pedersen. She performs regularly with Montreal-based Ensemble Supermusique and with a variety of collaborators, including Érick d’Orion, Joane Hétu, Anne-F Jacques, Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura. She is co-founder of Mystery & Wonder Records.

Her 2019 solo release no instrument machine, air, extends the timbral and textural scope of her work with amplified clarinet, adding machine hums, metallic resonances and low frequency air noise, generated by self-made instruments made from recycled electronic components.

Recent highlights include festival performances at Umbral (Mexico, 2019), send + receive (Winnipeg, 2019), Sounds Like (Saskatoon, 2019), Avant X (Toronto, 2019), Open Waters (Halifax, 2019), Rencontres de Musique Spontanée (Rimouski, 2019), IMOO (Ottawa, 2019, 2018), Open Ears (Kitchener, 2018), Make It Up Club (Melbourne Australia, 2018), Codes d’Access (Montreal, 2018), Suoni per il Popolo (Montreal, 2019, 2018, 2017) and KLEX (Malaysia, 2017); a residency with Tone List in Perth, Australia (2017) and a 3-month independent residency in Tokyo (2017).


On Mystery & Wonder:
MW001, Sound of the Mountain, Amplified Clarinet and Trumpet (2017)
MW005, E Millar, no instrument machine, air (2019)
MW008, Sound of the Mountain with Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura, amplified clarinet and trumpet, guitars, nimb (2019)

On other labels
845 Audio, Elizabeth Millar, Tim Olive, Craig Pedersen, Charm Point, (2019)

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There is a narrative within this treasure of produced noise… The message is resolute and profound even if not quite within the grasp of reality or understanding.

Saul Bleaeck (Toneshift, 2019)

There is quite a wealth of music to be heard in these five pieces. One could perhaps expect this to be in the world of improvised music but it is not; not really… It is all great sound art, reminding me also of some of Toshiya Tsunoda's work.

Frans De Waard (Vital Weekly, 2019)