Mystery & Wonder Records



e millar & christof kurzmann
rare entertainment

This recording is the first meeting of Austrian electropop / new music improviser Christof Kurzmann and Canadian/Australian sound artist Elizabeth Millar. Kurzmann’s close-mic’d vocals meander over samples and loops and the strumming of an elastic band. Millar combines bass frequencies of motors and pitched ventilation fans with amplified, airy clarinet. From the glassy darkness emerges generous, rare entertainment.

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Past releases:

MW008: Sound of the Mountain with Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura
amplified clarinet & trumpet, guitars, nimb
CD | mp3 | flac

MW007: Rippleganger – Touri Michi
CDR | mp3 | flac

MW006: Brandon Auger, when sails fold.
CDR | mp3 | flac

MW005: E Millar – no instrument machine, air
CD | mp3 | flac

MW004: PCP Trio – internal/external/focused/broad
CDR | mp3 | flac

MW003: Craig Pedersen Quartet – Approaching the Absence of Doing
LP | CD | mp3 | flac

MW002: Craig Pedersen – Solo Trumpet (2016)
7-inch | mp3 | flac

MW001: Sound of the Mountain – amplified clarinet & trumpet
LP | CD | mp3 | flac


Mystery & Wonder is an independent label started in 2017. It is run by Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen.

Many of our releases focus on sound art, improvisation and compositional works that give attention to the musical possibilities inherent in combining or superimposing closely amplified elements with acoustic elements.  We are interested in work that takes care with sound and timbre, structure and form, is close, direct and in high-definition. But most off all, we are interested in work that defies our understanding of all this and moves us in ways we don’t expect, work that stands on its own.

We are lovers of the album as physical object. We custom cut the majority of our sleeves with high-quality paper using an industrial die-cut machine.  Our latest releases include some combination of obi strips, hand printed covers, scores, photographs, and liner notes. With the exception of a few, releases are hand-assembled.

We also actively organize concerts in Montreal and elsewhere.  You can read more about our events here.  To stay actively updated about our releases, concerts and tours, please consider signing our mailing list:

We are grateful for the help of friends who have supported us and helped shape our work for the better: Mark Molnar, Bennett Bedoukian, Anne-F Jacques, Jon Crellin, Kiva Stimac, Suoni Per Il Popolo, The “Ritz” P.D.B, Thierry Amar, Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse, Martin Dupuis, and many, many others.