I would think the vocals don't contain words, but reflections of emotions … however the more I listened to it the more I became convinced they were indeed words. It is all very and radical and at the same time accessible, taking a rather musical approach to it all. Most enjoyable indeed.

Frans De Waard (Vital Weekly #1196, 2019)

Maya Kuroki (voice, pedals)
Rainer Wiens (prepared guitar, kalimba)

Mainstays of the Montreal improvised and experimental music scenes, Kuroki and Wiens began working together as a duo in 2016. Kuroki has a background in theatre and visual art, whereas Wiens draws on his experience in jazz and musique actuelle. Working with complex rhythmic patterns, traditional Japanese vocal styles and instrument preparations, the duo allows these various aspects to emerge naturally during their unique, yet accessible experimental improvisations.

Their release Touri Michi is a live recording made at Mystery & Wonder Présente series at Bar “Le Ritz” P.D.B. in Montreal on July 29 2018.

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Wien’s prepared guitar here dredges the depths of the bizarro-ocean on planet Jupiter, while the eerie vocal waftings from the Eastern side are simply astonishing. Unpredictable music which at times seems it might fall apart at any moment; that’s the edgy riskiness I enjoy.

Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector, 2019)