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MC: May 26 – 845 Audio CD Release: Tim Olive (JP)/Martin Tétreault + Jacques/Millar/Pedersen + Schidlowsky – Montreal

26 mai, 2019
Le Sotterenea (4848 St Laurent, sous-sol), Montreal
portes 20h30, musique 21h15


Tim Olive (JP) / Martin Tétreault
Jacques / Millar / Pedersen
James Schidlowsky

Our friend Tim Olive of Kobe, Japan is coming for a small tour in Canada.  He’ll be releasing 2 CDs on his label 845 Audio


— Tim Olive & Martin Tétreault duo
— Charm Point : Elizabeth Millar / Tim Olive / Craig Pedersen

Tim, Anne-F, Elizabeth and Craig will also be doing a short tour in Eastern Canada:

May 30: General Assembly – Ottawa
May 31: HAVN – Hamilton
June 1: The Tranzac Tiki Room – Toronto
June 2: UPPER – London

Olive / Tétreault Duo

Tim Olive – magnetic pickups
Martin Tétreault – turntables, objets


Tim Olive

The music of Tim Olive arises from collaboration with fellow musicians/sound artists, collaboration with physical and temporal setting, and collaboration with those involved in the act of listening. Using simple materials (including magnetic pickups, steel strings, tuning forks, metal strips, hand-wound motor mechanisms, magnetic tape, dental floss and analog electronics), Olive’s work is predicated on the interplay of the human with material/time/space, and the uniqueness, intensity and unrepeatability that lives in each performing and/or recording situation.

He is interested in music as a social activity, as a way of creating community, a way of countering the forces which lead to an increasing atomization of contemporary life; music as a felt experience rather than as a concept or a theory.

A Canadian residing in Kobe, Japan, Olive has released music on Japanese, European and North American labels, with Jeff Allport, Cristian Alvear, Pascal Battus, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Samuel Dunscombe, Nick Hoffman, Anne-F Jacques, Jin Sangtae, Jason Kahn, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Yukinori Kikuchi, Cal Lyall, Francisco Meirino, Katsura Mouri, Takuji Naka, Bunsho Nishikawa, Makoto Oshiro, Ben Owen, Horacio Pollard, Fritz Welch, and Yan Jun.

Martin Tétreault

Initié à la musique improvisée par Michel F Côté, René Lussier, Diane Labrosse, Jean Derome, Martin Tétreault est platiniste, improvisateur, concepteur sonore et artiste visuel. Il est reconnu ici et à l’étranger pour son travail de recherche et d’improvisation avec des tourne-disques de tout genre ou de sa fabrication. Il réalise avec cet attirail hétéroclite des performances sonores, seul ou en collaboration avec d’autres artistes de la musique, la danse, la poésie ou l’installation.

Durant la décennie 1994-2004, il participe à de nombreux festivals internationaux et y rencontre Otomo Yoshihide, Xavier Charles ainsi que de nombreux musiciens avec lesquels il endisque volumineusement. En 2004, la chorégraphe Lynda Gaudreau lui commande une œuvre pour quatuor de tourne-disques. Il collabore régulièrement avec Cas Public et Sylvain Émard Danse, et a monté trois expositions: R_ _GO, Prises de son: couleurs et animées et Phonographes vinylisés. En 2015, Nicole Gingras publie Des disques et un couteau, une monographie consacrée à l’artiste.

Jacques  / Millar / Pedersen

objects and air moving at various speeds.

Elizabeth Millar

breath, machine hums, metal surfaces,
air, fans, propellers and clarinet

Elizabeth Millar is a sound-artist, clarinetist and performer, based in Montreal since 2009. Engaging with experimental music, sound art, noise, free improvisation and self-made instrument building, her creative practice explores the merging of acoustic and electronic textures with amplification and extended techniques.Active locally, nationally and internationally she has performed throughout Canada and in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. She is a member of Sound of the Mountain, an amplified clarinet and trumpet duo with Craig Pedersen. She also performs with Montreal-based Ensemble Supermusique, interpreting graphic scores and gestural improvisations.She has collaborated with many Quebecois and Canadian artistsincluding Joane Hétu, Erick d’Orion and Anne-F Jacques; and international artists including Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger, Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura.


Anne-F Jacques

Un inventaire d’objets et de matières avec lesquels l’auteure, l’artiste sonore Anne-F Jacques, fabrique des assemblages sonores et cinétiques. À travers leur poids, leur texture et l’histoire particulière de leur rencontre, elle retrace une petite partie de leur biographie et plonge le lecteur dans un microcosme d’objets têtus. Elle s’intéresse aux choses qui tournent, aux sonorités rugueuses, aux mouvements erratiques, à la construction d’assemblages précaires et idiosyncratiques. Sons et autres trouvailles. Elle vit et travaille à Montréal.

Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen is trumpet player, and experimenting musician living in Montréal. He plays in the collaborative duos Sound of the Mountain (with Elizabeth Millar) and Provisional Mailorder (with Anne-F Jacques). He is a member of Ensemble Supermusique and the Ratchet Orchestra. He also occasionally leads the Craig Pedersen Quartet, a band featuring Linsey Wellman (fetNAT), Bennett Bedoukian (Horseman, Pass By) and Thierry Amar (GY!BE).

Since 2011, Craig has released thirteen albums, or more, ranging between composed material to improvisation. An active and avid touring artist, he has played across Canada, in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Mexico.Recent highlights of his work includes collaborations and/or performances with Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Shinkan Tamaki, Zhao Cong, Yong Yandsen, Gudinni Cortina, Manfred Werder, Pauline Oliveros, Jean Derome, Joane Hetu, Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh (Instant Places), Vicky Mettler, Bennett Bedoukian and Mark Molnar, as well as many others.

His current interests lay in collaboration, impractical mail-order cassettes, holding long notes and the notions of developing an improvisational language as a form of composition.


James Schidlowsky


James Schidlowsky

James Schidlowsky is a computer programmer/analyst as well as an experimental sound, video and electronic artist based in Montreal, QC. From his first forays into music (playing guitar as a teenager), his work has evolved into a creative exploration of experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic and improvisational sound. He is featured in numerous recorded releases, DVDs and live performances (both solo, and group). Since 2003 he has been a frequent host to radio programs emphasizing the sonic arts, and has performed several radiophonic works and improvisations live on-air. Self-taught in electronic circuitry, he began building electronic sound boxes in 2010. He completed his first electronically-controlled sound installation in late 2012.

James has collaborated with sound artists Alexandre St-Onge, Émilie Mouchous, Simon Brown, Will Eizlini, Ian Ferrier, Fortner Anderson, Éric Gingras and Magali Babin.

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